SIPPY CUP is a duo, a duo of two people, firstly a woman and then also a man, who operate in ALL MEDIA and under ALL KNOWN CONDITIONS, impervious, with anything to hand. Nature is not easily diverted or waylaid. Look at moss. Look at moss, for instance.

Yet this is not a calcified imperviousness. Nor is it an unreflective mechanical imperviousness seeking to falsely replicate objective processes as "expression". Don't get it twisted. It is the autonomous imperviousness of responsible decision-making, lodged like a gleaming shard right in the heart of chaos. A jaunty cap. For LOOK, they retain full access to their archaic reserves of spontaneity. Listen, little man! And these reserves appear seemingly inexhaustible. Inexcusable. It is a deep well. Ineluctable. A deep well, like a deep mossy well, for instance. And for this they are the envy of all around. Everyone that's around.

For your greater enlightenment, a raft of SIPPY CUP productions is appended below.

On occasion, SIPPY CUP organise their communication visually, using the visual aspects of the eye's work to forge pictorial meaning. Instead of the ears. This is the kind of thing you're into. Something just a little bit unusual, and relatively inexpensive. A sequence of paired marks is stated below. One by each, the remaining by the other. Apprehend them here: